TEDx talk Literature. An aspect of immortality | Evlampia Tsireli


Evlampia Tsireli

How creativity and imagination can be aspects of immortality?

The secret function of literature through the ages. The link between imagination, dreaming, writing, death and immortality.

*Speaker* Evlampia Tsireli is an educator and author, and in parallel teaches creative writing and editing. Her poems and short stories have been distinguished both in Greece and abroad. The source of her inspiration is mainly her dreams as well as the observation of the past and the present. Since 2014, she teaches creative writing & editing at the Imaginarium Writing Workshop which she created. She is a PhD candidate in Biblical Theology at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and her studies focus on Literature of the Fiction, exploring its relationship with Myth. She specializes in legends and mythical symbols of ancient Mesopotamia.

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*Theme: “EREISMA” *

Ereisma is a word that has its origins in ancient times, though is still used today, both literally and metaphorically. Ereisma means something that is mounted or made in a given position to provide support. It also means everything that serves as the basis, the starting point and the foundation of an action, thought or state.For us in TEDxAUTH, Ereisma is the foundations we are laying for a new framework at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, which we wish to see become stronger with each passing year.

*Session: “TELOS” * This session’s core is purpose. Telos is the fundamental principle of the Aristotelian philosophy and is connected with completion and achievement. The speeches of Session Telos aim to highlight the speakers’ goals and motivation in their lives.


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